Frequently Asked Questions


Who is Agromall?

Agromall is an online shopping mall for all agro and agro related products and services in Nigeria and within West Africa. We are the fastest and best user friendly market place that offers the widest range of products at the best prices. We are here for both buyers and sellers alike.

Do you have a farm?

We primarily help farmers, importers and producers to market and distribute their trusted products and services. We are also cultivating farms for egg and meat production.

How can I locate you?

Our distribution office is located in Ibadan and our supply chain is nationwide and within West Africa.


What payment methods do you accept?

We accept payments to our bank accounts through transfers, deposits and online through our portal.

Can I pay on delivery?

Payment on delivery is possible with specific locations and order quantity. Certain conditions have to be met for this option to be allowed. This can be discussed

Can I pay cash to your Agents?

It is easier to make payments directly to us so we can receive your payment soon enough to process your order. Let us know if you prefer to pay to our accredited agents so we can advise accordingly.


How do I place an order?

After creating an account, select the products you need and add them to cart one after the other. When you are satisfied, then proceed to checkout, these commands are visible on the page. You can also call us to help you complete this process, even if you do not have an account with us.

How will I receive my order

Once your order is confirmed, you will be notified on when it is likely to be delivered. You can receive your order in your farm if your order quantity is large enough or you can collect from strategic collection points in your area, if otherwise. We make deliveries with our vehicles and most times use experienced courier services as well.

What happens if my birds die few days after I receive them?

This doesn’t just happen except there is something wrong. We will investigate it and if the fault is traceable to the hatchery, we will ensure that you are duly compensated.

How do I know you will supply me the birds I booked for?

We can guarantee you your orders will be supplied as requested. This is why we have several good options to chose from. So we will always recommend best options before we proceed with the supply.

What happens if there is mortality or damaged items in transit?

We strive to prevent this occurrence as best as possible, but in the event please notify us immediately at the collection point and we will agree on a compensation plan, if it cannot be done immediate by way of deducting the value of the loss from the cost of transportation or any outstanding balance due to us.

What happens if I make payment and you do not supply me?

We are here only to serve you, and this cannot happen except we supply your orders. If after making payment there is any reason to delay the supply which is very rear, we will notify you immediately and agree on when next is best for the supply. And if the supply is unlikely due to forces beyond our control, we shall effect your refund immediately and then notify you when the supply can be possible again in the future in case you will still be interested.

How long will it take to supply my order?

Usually, you can receive your orders within two to seven working days after confirmation. You can always call to confirm delivery dates before placing your orders.

What's the minimum quantity of birds can I order?

The minimum quantity for Day Old broilers, pullets, cockerels and broilers is 50 pieces, which makes one carton. For other categories like turkey, quail, Point of Lay, Old Layers etc, call us to discuss the quantity you want.
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