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    Use of Cattle

    Beef: Hamburgers, steaks and roast beef are among the many products produced from beef.

    Food By-Products: By-products of beef production include the following; (1) Liver, kidney, brains, tripe, sweetbreads and tongue are food sources in many countries. (2) Oleo oil and stock are produced from beef fat and used to make margarine and shortening. (3) Oleo stearin is an edible solid beef fat used to make some chewing gums and candies. (4) Gelatin from cattle bone and skins is used to make marshmallows, ice cream, canned meats and desserts.

    Beef Hide Beef hide is used to make a variety of items: Leather, Felt, Some textiles, Base for ointments, Binder for plaster and asphalt, Base for insulation material, Brushes Footballs.

    Non-Food Uses (Beef Fats and Fatty Acids): Some industrial oils, lubricants, soaps, lipsticks, face creams, hand creams, chemicals, pesticides and detergents derive from beef fat products.

    Bones, Horns and Hooves Buttons, piano keys, glues and fertilizers are some of the many products made from bones, horns and hooves of cattle.


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