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Manure Dewatering Machine
Our manure dewatering machine converts your poultry waste to money!
It is also called solid and liquid waste separator. It saves power and space, only 2-3 square meters enough for it. It is suitable for 5000 birds to 50,000 birds capacity poultry farm. The finished chicken waste can be sold to truck farms, fish farms or crop farms.

How it works
The Pump will pump the manure into Manure Press, and through the extrusion screw placed in sieve, pressed slowly forward with 46 RPM speed, in which the dry material are separated through the compression with solid material cylinder formed in the machine orifices; great power fecal water filter off through the filter screen and flows into adjustment pool. The final product can be used as fertizer directly.

Model: B-M-1, B-M-2, B-M-3
Motor: 5.5kw, 7.5kw, 7.5kw
Output: 5-6m3/h, 8-10m3/h, 15-25m3/h
Size (L*W*H): 1.8×1.5×0.8m 1.8×1.63×0.8m 1.8×1.7×0.8m
Weight: 600kg, 650kg, 700kg
Cleaning frequency: Every 20-30days

Item Detail
Pump 1 Unit, 3KW
pipe 3 pieces
Switch Box One Unit

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