Amo Noilers


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Noilers are very impressive birds developed by Amo Farms from a cross breed of broiler and cockerels.
They basically use same feeding regime as broilers. They were designed for free ranging and organic feeds. But they grow very Much bigger than cockerels and reach table size in 15-16wks approx 3kg+.
Highly disease resistant.
The female can lay eggs but not a for a long time and not really advisable for eggs production.
They eat roughly half of what broilers consume. You can further educe that by giving vegetables and wastes. Vegetables such as Cabbage waste, efo green, efo tete, efo soko, ewedu, bdg. Just spread your feeds on your ground, they’ll free range very well. And they also enjoy sand bathing. They were developed for the free range life indeed.

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