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The live bird transport crate (live chicken crate or chicken coop) is durable, hygienic and economical for the transport of poultry to markets, farms etc. It features high capacity handling design to ease transport, without placing a compromise on safety.

Live bird transport is often by vehicles and carried in either crates, baskets or stainless steel containers. The transport of live birds in both crates, as well as containers, is subject to strict precautions.

This crate is recommended for the transport of adult or mature birds. The number of birds transported could vary according to location, climate, and size of crate or container.

Our live bird transport crates are made of durable, hygienic and synthetic materials, thus they can be re-used as often as possible without placing a compromise on safety.

Our crates provide

  • High capacity handling and flexible transport of poultry to cages, markets.
  • After transport, birds can be manually removed and the crates washed and disinfected for another transport cycle.
  • These crates are newly designed and supplied with half top swing fill/exit doors, closed sides and bottom.
  • Its design allows more air to circulate, thus reducing stress-related damage to the birds.
  • Special perforated floor helps prevent foot injuries during transport.
  • Our crate systems offer complete handling solutions designed for efficiency, economy, and productivity.

Whatever the transport process demands, our crates will deliver the best solution.

Approximate capacity: 10 – 15 adult birds depending on their size.


Transportation of chicken, poultry, and other live birds.

Specification: Live Bird Transport Crate (With Lid)

Item Condition
Item Type
Suitable For Poultry (broilers, layers, breeders etc)
Features Convenient handling, Durable material, Well aerated
Capacity 10 to 15 Adult Birds
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