Agrited Pullets (Novogen)


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The Agrited Pullet is one of the best layer birds available to the Nigerian market as it adapts well to different management techniques and climatic conditions.

With an excellent feed conversion ratio, it is ideal for both the small scale and large scale farmers as it is economical.

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The NOVOgen BROWN is a brown bird with white under feathering, producing brown eggs. It produces a high eggs mass with high quality.

As a consistent layer of lovely brown eggs, the hen is very suitable for varieties of management systems i.e. battery cages, free-range or deep litter.

Easy to manage, calm. With the NOVOgen BROWN, its excellent egg quality and its potential of production, you will optimize your profit

Schedules for vaccination and medication and breed manuals will be forwarded to your mails upon placement of successful orders.

Growing period (0 to 18 weeks)
  Bodyweight at 18 weeks old 1500 -1580 g
  Liveability 97 – 98%
Production period (18 to 90 weeks)
  Liveability 93 – 95%
  50% of production at 20 – 21 weeks
  Peak of production 93 – 95%
Per hen housed
  Egg Number 404 – 408
  Egg Mass 25.6 – 26.0 kg
  Average egg weight 63.0 – 64.0 kg
  FCR (119 days) 2.15 – 2.20 kg/kg
  Feed consumption 113 – 117 g
  FCR per egg 134 – 138 g
  Shell strength Excellent
  Shell Colour Excellent
  Haugh Unit Excellent
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