Defeathering Machine


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The highest efficiency chicken-Plucker is a great entry level tub style chicken plucker with motor. This electric model is for removing feathers off chickens, pheasants and small turkeys in as little as 10 – 30 seconds. (Ideal for plucking 3 to 5 chickens at a time).


1. Dress from 3 to 5 birds at a time
2. 110V 1hp Motor 1700 rpm
3. On/Off switch
4. Dual Track Pulley
5. Dual Belt
6. Tub’s Diameter 21inch
7. Plucker Diameter 23W x 23L x 38H
8. Stainless steel tub easy clean-up
9. Steel Shaft/4 wheels
Steel frame (Rust protect paint)
10. Stainless steel plate
11. Feather & Water Discharge
12. Pillow block Bearing
13. 117 Ultra-soft plucking fingers
14. Feet block


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