Fishmeal Based Diet– 4kg


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This highly nutritious crumble is specially formulated with high-quality ingredients to give your fish the right start of life.

These crumbles for larvae is the first made in Nigeria which can replace imported crumbles 100%. They are high quality and very affordable. They are specially formulated with:

  • 50% crude protein
  • 14% crude fat
  • 6% crude ash
  • 7% moisture
  • 2% crude fibre

Spread little quantity to the surface of culture water. The benefits of this feed are:

  • Highly nutritious
  • Ensures reduced mortalities
  • Prepares them for life after hatchery
  • High quality at low cost
  • Specially formulated to give maximum growth

Fishmeal Based Diet can be fed as many as possible within 24hours but take note of your water quality parameters.

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